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Current Regulations in Korea (Updated date: February 1, 2023)

For all foreigners who wish to travel to Korea short or long-term, please read the below information regarding entry and Covid19 regulations. Currently there are no PCR test or quarantine requirements for people entering Korea, including unvaccinated people. However, you may be subject to a 7-day quarantine or restriction of movement if you are tested positive/diagnosed COVID during your stay in Korea, as accordance with the Korean health rules.

  • 1There are no Covid 19 requirements at present for entry to Korea: Pre-departure Negative PCR test certificate  and Mandatory 7 day entry quarantine are NOT required.
    ※ For those who are flying into Korea from China, please check the Korean Embassy in China website for Covid requirements.

  • 2Mandatory for entry: K-ETA or Valid Visa Go to VISA information
    From April 2022, nationals of visa waiver countries or designated visa-free countries must obtain ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) before entering The Republic of Korea. Please visit this link for more information.

    ​For entry to Korea, all foreigners must have a K-ETA or a valid visa to enter Korea. The K-ETA process will take around 72 hours and the result will be sent to your email address directly. Please have the printed hard copy ready.
    ​※You do not need a K-ETA if you have a valid visa to enter Korea.

  • 3Q-code system.
    Using the Q-code system is recommended for all people entering Korea to upload their health condition before their entry to Korea for a easier and faster entry. It can be all done online within 15 minutes. If you cannot do so online before entry to Korea, you will have to manually insert the information after you land in Korea. 

Q-Code: Quarantine Covid19 defense

Q-Code Guides

  • Q-code is a system established by the KDCA in order to shorten the time for quarantine inspection and provide the conveniences overseas entrants require upon entry to the Republic of Korea.

  • Anyone who inputs normal quarantine information through Q-code will be able to avail fast and convenient quarantine inspection after their arrival at the Republic of Korea.

  • The quarantine information input in Q-code shall be saved by encoding in QR-Code. If any correction is needed for your quarantine information, you may start from the beginning to input information in the system and receive a new QR-Code. However, the correction of health information will be possible regardless of the issuance of QR-Code.

  • If the correction of quarantine information has not been made until your arrival at the Republic of Korea due to an inevitable situation, you must notify the changed information to the concerned quarantine officer in Korea. Otherwise, you may be subject to the disadvantage of quarantine action reinforced by the Quarantine Authority of Korea.

  • Please submit Q-code issued after the complete input of quarantine information to the airline personnel upon boarding and to the quarantine officer at the entry inspection.

Registration Procedures Q-Code Website How to register Q-Code

* The issuance of QR-Code should be completed before boarding the airplane.

Step 1

Access Q-code

Step 2

Consent to the Terms and Conditions

Step 3

Input your passport information & E-Mail

Step 4

Input the entry, stay information related to your visit and health condition.

Step 5

Confirm the input information

Step 6

Issue the QR-Code

Preparation to Input Q-code

passport E-mail address Airline ticket Health Condition Information