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Name Date
Welcome Reception July 16, 2023
Optional Tour Program July 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 2023
Excursion(Gyeongju Tour) July 19, 2023
Banquet & Student Award Ceremony July 20, 2023

Optional Tour Program

ISSW34 Organizing Committee welcomes you to experience and enjoy an exotic Korean culture full of unique attractions and wonders. You can make on-line tour reservations, which will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. All tours include the services of an English-speaking guide and transportation.

Important Notice

  • 1If you would like to participate in the tour program, please apply when registering online.

  • 2Tour programs are based on the estimated price. It is subject to change due to the local situation.

  • 3Tour route and duration are subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions and other circumstances.

  • 4Deadline for tour registration is June 16(Fri), 2023.
    (* Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and can be closed early depending on the number of applicants.)

  • 5If at least 20 people are not reached, the program may be cancelled, substituted by another program with notice to participants, or proceed at an altered rate with the consent of all participants.

  • 6Any requests for changes or cancellations should be made separately by email to the ISSW34 Secretariat.

Tour Schedule

Date July, 16(Sun.) July, 17(Mon.) July, 18(Tue.) July, 20(Thu.) July, 21(Fri.)
Theme Daegu
Night Tour 1
Tour 1
Haeinsa Tour
Night Tour
Night Tour 2
Tour 2
Time 19:00PM~22:30PM 10:00AM~17:00PM 09:00AM~16:00PM 14:00PM~20:30PM 19:00PM~21:30PM 09:00AM~17:30PM 10:00AM~14:30PM
Itinerary Chilseong Night Market, Kimkwangseok Street, Dongseong-ro Apsan Mountain cable-car, Momyeongjae Korean Traditional Culture Experience, Seomun Market Theme Park of the Tripitaka Koreana, Haeinsa Temple Jikjisa Temple, Ceramics of the World Museum, Sa-myeongdaesa Park(Night View) Apsan Mountain Haeneomi Observatory, Suseongmot Lake Hahoe folk village, Fan making & traditional liquor experience Modern Culture Street & Feet bathing in herb medicine, Hyangchon Cultural Center
Price Free of charge USD 10 USD 50 USD 40 Free of charge USD 60 USD 25

July. 16 (Sun) ▶ Daegu Night Tour 1

Date July, 16(Sun) 19:00pm-22:30pm
Course EXCO ⟶ Chilseong Night Market ⟶ Kimkwangseok Street ⟶ Dongseong-ro
Price Free of charge
Theme Time Schedule Note
Daegu Night Tour 1 19:00~19:20(20’) Assemble EXCO Gate 2 ⟶ Chilseong Night Market
19:20~20:00(50’) Chilseong Night Market A variety of products, food and free markets
20:20~20:50(30’) Kimkwangseok Street
21:00~20:00(60’) Dongseong-ro the epicenter of youth culture
22:00~22:30(20’) Get off the Hotels
Chilseong Night Market

Chilseong Night Market combines traditional food, fusion, creative food, and various free markets. There are about 20 traditional foods and 40 creative foods. Other than that, there is also a product free market space. Enjoy your food at Shincheon Dunchi, which is filled with starlight!

Kimkwangseok Street Details

Kim Kwang-seok Road is a mural street created under the theme of Kim Kwang-seok's life and music in an alley near Bangcheon Market in Daebong-dong, where the late Kim Kwang-seok lived. Kim Kwang-seok is a Korean singer who has left many masterpieces with a sincere and heart-warming voice.

Dongseong-ro Details

Dongseong-ro Street is the epicenter of youth culture in Daegu. The road was built in 1907 at the site of the old eastern wall of Daegueupseong Walled Town. The street can be further divided into themed sections, such as Gyo-dong Jewelry Street, Tteokbokki Alley, Handbag Alley, Night Market Alley, and more.

July. 17 (Mon) ▶ Daegu Tour 1

Date July, 17(Mon) 09:30am-17:00pm
Course EXCO ⟶ Apsan Mountain cable-car ⟶ Momyeongjae Korean Traditional Center (Lunch) ⟶ Seomun Market ⟶ Hotels
Price USD 10
Theme Time Schedule Note
Daegu Tour 1 09:30~10:00(30’) Assemble EXCO Gate 2 ⟶ Apsan Mountain cable-car
10:00~11:10(40’) Apsan Mountain cable-car & observatory
11:30~13:30(120’) Momyeongjae Korean Traditional Culture Experience
& Lunch
Korean food making experience
13:40~15:00(80’) Traditional Hanbok
& tea ceremony
15:20~16:20(60’) Seomun traditional Market
16:20~16:50(30’) Get off the Hotels
Apsan Mountain cable-car & observatory Details

Apsan Park is located in downtown Daegu, so it is accessible and has well-equipped trails and hiking trails, so Daegu citizens enjoy visiting Apsan Mountain. Located not far from the cable car, the Apsan Observatory offers a panoramic view of Daegu at a glance, and you can also enjoy the Daegu night view from the Sofra Observatory located on the roof of the cable car platform.

Momyeongjae Korean Traditional Culture Center

At Momyeongjae Korean Traditional Culture Experience Center, you can experience hanbok, etiquette, and Korean traditional tea ceremony and food making experience. The Momyeongjae Korean Traditional Culture Experience Center operates not only experience programs but also educational programs. You will be making and enjoying a traditional Korean feast dish called "Japchae" for lunch.

Seomun Traditional Market Details

Seomun Market is the largest market in the city, with 4,000 stores that feature all sorts of goods from household items, to fresh produce, and ready-to-eat food. The atmosphere is bustling, and the people are friendly, making it an exciting place to spend an afternoon. Seomun Night Market stretches over 350 meters and features over 80 kiosks selling a variety of food and goods. It offers a magical experience with diverse food to eat, sights to see, and entertainment to enjoy, unfolding all year round.

July. 17 (Mon) ▶ UNESCO Haeinsa Tour

Date July, 17(Mon) 09:00am-16:00pm
Course EXCO ⟶ Theme Park of the Tripitaka Koreana ⟶ Lunch ⟶ Haeinsa Temple ⟶ Hotels
Price USD 50
Theme Time Schedule Note
UNESCO Haeinsa Tour 09:00~10:10(70’) Assemble EXCO Gate 2 ⟶ Theme Park of the Triptaka Koreana
10:10~11:30(80’) Theme Park of the Triptaka Koreana
11:50~12:50(60’) Lunch Seasoned Wild Vegetables Set
13:10~14:40(90’) Haeinsa Temple
14:40~16:00(80’) Get off the Hotels
Theme Park of the Tripitaka Koreana

It is a space of understanding and discovery to re-examine the historical and civilizing meaning of the Daejanggyeong, which has continued for a thousand years, and to appreciate the space-time journey of history from the introduction and aggregation of scriptures to the hidden science of Janggyeong Panjeon.

Lunch (Seasoned Wild Vegetables Set)

You can feel the taste of nature, eco-friendly side dishes, the feeling of Haeinsa Temple. It delivers the natural taste to customers with natural ingredients and know-how grown in Haeinsa Temple, a natural environment.

Haeinsa Temple Details

The Temple of Haeinsa, on Mount Gaya, is home to the Tripitaka Koreana , the most complete collection of Buddhist texts, engraved on 80,000 woodblocks between 1237 and 1248. The buildings of Janggyeong Panjeon, which date from the 15th century, were constructed to house the woodblocks, which are also revered as exceptional works of art. As the oldest depository of the Tripitaka , they reveal an astonishing mastery of the invention and implementation of the conservation techniques used to preserve these woodblocks.

July. 18 (Tue) ▶ Gimcheon Night Tour

Date July, 18(Tue) 14:00pm-20:30pm
Course EXCO ⟶ Jikjisa Temple ⟶ Ceramics of the world Museum ⟶ Dinner ⟶ Sa-myeongdaesa Park ⟶ Hotels
Price USD 40
Theme Time Schedule Note
Gimcheon Night Tour 14:00~15:20(80’) Assemble EXCO Gate 2 ⟶ Jikjisa Temple
15:20~16:20(60’) Jikjisa Temple
16:20~17:20(60’) Ceramics of the world Museum
17:30~18:30(60’) Dinner Seasoned Wild Vegetables Set
18:30~19:20(50’) Sa-myeongdaesa Park Night View
19:20~20:30(70’) Get off the Hotels
Jikjisa Temple Details

Jikjisa Temple was established by Adohwasang in the 2nd year of King Nulji of Silla (418). The dense old pine trees around the temple and the clear water of the deep valley go well with the surrounding landscape. In the precincts, there is Birojeon Hall, where 1,000 Buddha are enshrined side by side, Daeungjeon Hall, a representative building of the Joseon Dynasty, and Seated Stone Medicine Buddha (Treasure No. 319) with a height of 1.63m.

Ceramics of the world Museum Details

The museum consists of a permanent exhibition room, a special exhibition room, and a children's culture experience room to promote the specificity and excellence of local culture by linking cultural and historical resources, and provides various attractions and play areas for children and family visitors.

Dinner (Seasoned Wild Vegetables Set)

It is a restaurant with wild vegetables set meal that has been running a restaurant at Jikjisa Temple for more than 60 years. This restaurant always serves food with fresh ingredients and provides the best service and kindness to its customers.

Sa-myeongdaesa Park

Samyeong Daesa Park is a cultural, ecological, and experiential tourist destination connecting nearby Jikjisa Temple and Hwangaksan Mountain, and is famous for its night view as well as various hands-on activities. I hope you visit here to heal your body and mind and rest.

July. 18 (Tue) ▶ Daegu Night Tour 2

Date July, 18(Tue) 19:00pm-21:30pm
Course EXCO ⟶ Apsan Mountain Haeneomi Observatory ⟶ Suseongmot Lake
Price Free of charge
Theme Time Schedule Note
Daegu Night Tour 2 19:00~19:30(30’) Assemble EXCO Gate 2 ⟶ Apsan Mountain Haeneomi Observatory
19:30~20:00(30’) Apsan Mountain Haeneomi Observatory
20:20~21:10(50’) Suseongmot Lake
21:10~21:30(20’) Get off the Hotels
Apsan Mountain Haeneomi Observatory Details

Apsan Mountain Haeneomi Observatory, where you can see the scenery of Daegu along with the sunset, is located in Apsan Ppallaeteo Park in Nam-gu. Incorporating the history and symbolism of Apsan Ppallaeteo Park, the observatory's design embodies laundry wring. The ramp leading to the observatory is perfect for walking as you can see the panoramic view of Apsan Mountain and the surrounding landscape.

Suseongmot Lake Details

Nearby the lake is Suseong Land which houses benches, walking paths, a ferry dock, and entertainment facilities such as a Viking ship, bumper cars, and merry-go-round. In addition, visitors can enjoy a duck boat ride, view of Dusanpokpo Falls and other exciting places perfect for excursions. The lake has a music fountain that operates four times a day from May to October.

July. 20 (Thu) ▶ Andong Tour

Date July, 20(Thu) 09:00am-17:00pm
Course EXCO ⟶ Hahoe folk village ⟶ Lunch ⟶ Fan making & traditional liquor experience ⟶ Banquet Venue
Price USD 60
Theme Time Schedule Note
Andong Tour 09:00~10:20(80’) Assemble EXCO Gate 2 ⟶ Hahoe folk village
10:20~11:00(40’) Hahoe folk village
11:00~12:00(60’) Lunch Braised Spicy Chicken & grilled Mackerel & Acorn jellied food
12:40~13:40(60’) Fan making experience
14:00~15:00(60’) Traditional liquor experience Tasting and making traditional liquor
15:00~16:30(90’) Get off Banquet Venue
Hahoe folk village Details

Hahoe is a representative village for one family where tile-roofed houses and thatched roofed ones have been quite well conserved for a long time. The reason for the village name Hahoe (Ha means a river and Hoe means turning around) was that the Nakdong River flows around the village in an S shape. Hahoe Village, which is listed UNESCO World Heritage, has conserved Hahoe Byeolsingut Mask Dance Play performed by the public in general. The village conserves many cultural heritages which show Korean traditional living cultures and ancient architectural styles.

Lunch (Braised Spicy Chicken & grilled Mackerel & Acorn jellied food)

Braised Spicy Chicken(called Jjimdak) is a famous food in Andong. The menu called "Yangbansang" is a Korean table d'hote where you can enjoy braised spicy chicken, grilled mackerel, and seasoned acorn jellied food.

Fan making & traditional liquor experience

It is an experience center where you can make crafts with traditional Korean patterns by hand. You can overcome the heat by using a Korean-style fan in summer. Also, you can experience making makgeolli, a traditional Korean liquor, and taste and enjoy the liquor made in Andong.

July. 21 (Fri) ▶ Daegu Tour 2

Date July, 21(Fri) 10:00am-14:30pm
Course EXCO ⟶ Modern Culture Street ⟶ Lunch ⟶ Hyangchon Culture Center ⟶ EXCO
Price USD 25
Theme Time Schedule Note
Daegu Tour 2 10:00~10:20(20’) Assemble EXCO Gate 2 ⟶ Modern Culture Street Tour
10:30~12:00(90’) Modern Culture Street Tour Feet bathing in herb medicine
12:10~13:10(60’) Lunch Korean table d'hote
13:20~14:00(30’) Hyangchon Culture Center
14:00~14:30(30’) Get off EXCO (Convention Center)
Modern Culture Street Tour & Feet bathing in herb medicine Details

Daegu Modern History Street offers an experience trip to see the modern history that lives on in the alleyways of Daegu. Compared to other regions, Daegu suffered less damage during the Korean War, allowing the city to clearly show the changes that happened from before and after the war. The course includes locations that were important venues of historical moments from the previous generations. During the course, it provides an opportunity to experience feet bathing in herb medicine.

Lunch (Korean table d'hote)

It is a restaurant with the sound of gayageum and a luxurious hanok yard, and serves dishes with fresh ingredients every day. You can enjoy Korean traditional food such as japchae, herbal sweet and sour pork, shiitake gangjeong, and shrimp dumplings.

Hyangchon Cultural Center Details

Hyangchon Cultural Center replicated the old looks of Hyangchon-dong, making the cultural space even more special. . You can have a chance to hear the life history of 100 residents who experienced or recalled the history of the center of Daegu. Also, you can see the real historical relics they donated to the Center.